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Five Things You Should Know About Vancouver

Carmana Plaza and Vancouver

If you want to know more about Vancouver BC, Carmana Plaza is the place to base your exploration. Everything you need for getting to know Vancouver is right here, within walking distance, or a five-minute car ride. Carmana Plaza is one Vancouver luxury hotel committed to your comfort and convenience. With a 24-hour front desk and our helpful guest concierge, you’ll quickly find how much rich and surprising history there is to be uncovered.

Carmana Plaza makes for a pretty nice base of operations. We have it all, and if by chance we don’t, we’re really good at finding it for you. We consider one of our most significant attributes to be our staff. They are happiest when they can be of service to others. Everything you need is accessible and convenient, whether you want somewhere to conduct business or to simply enjoy the Vancouver area. If you need anything during your stay, we want to be the first to know.

The City of Vancouver is one beautiful place. It is the perfect combination of nature and civilization. As the most populated city in British Columbia, Vancouver is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. Quality of life simply doesn’t get much better. Vancouver is entertaining, fascinating, and delicious. It’s just the perfect place for a fresh reboot.

What You May Not Know

Here are five things that might surprise you about Vancouver.

Greenpeace was founded here. That’s right, Greenpeace. The organization that became a movement, was established in Vancouver in 1971. A group of volunteers showed up at the Luna Café, which became Smart Mouth Café in Gastown (now closed).

The California Roll. Here’s another surprise. The California Roll, the classic sushi roll, was actually invented here in Vancouver by Chef Hidekazu Tojo in the 1970s. Check out his restaurant at 1133 West Broadway Street.

Stanley Park is larger than Central Park. Vancouver’s Stanley Park is 10% larger than New York’s Central Park.

The grey squirrels aren’t a native species. They were a gift. All the grey squirrels scampering around Stanley Park are decedents of eight pairs of squirrels given as a gift in 1909 from New York City.

The Grouse Mountain slogan is “The Peak of Vancouver,” which was retained from the proposal to change the name of the mountain to Mt. Vancouver. It has remained Grouse Mountain.

You may find that you need a more extended stay to see all there is to see. Try an extended stay in Vancouver in one of our furnished apartments.

There’s More to Know About Carmana Plaza.

You probably can’t find a better way to enjoy learning more about Vancouver than staying at Carmana Plaza. From here you’ll have easy access to the Vancouver Convention and Exhibit Center, Canada Place, Stanley Park, Rogers Arena, BC Place, Gastown, and Yaletown. Come immerse yourself in the freshness of Vancouver. Contact us, we’d love to be the home base as you discover more about our beautiful city.