Carmana Plaza is the ideal hub from where to explore the downtown Vancouver core and its surrounding neighbourhoods. Located in what is being fondly called the Alberni District (Vancouver’s mini version of Rodeo Drive), we are on a two block stretch lined with high fashion boutiques, restaurants & cafes.


Defined by many as a delightfully unexpected discovery, Carmana Plaza fascinates boutique hotel enthusiasts with its unique ability to facilitate an authentically local guest experience by being a hotel hybrid by design.


A two block section of Downtown Vancouver, where luxury, lifestyle and gastronomy coalesce into a unique area, where some of the most coveted fashion brands and restaurants are establishing roots.

So, whether business or leisure has brought you here, you`ll be where what many locals consider as luxury row.


We believe that your travels are defined by what you experience, which memories you keep and who you meet along the way.

And our goal is to give our guests an amazing experience while with us – an important value that we genuinely take pride in.